Kendyl Rotunda Net Worth 2024 [Salary, Age, Height, Family]

Kendyl Rotunda, better known as Bray Wyatt, is a former WWE pro wrestler who is the daughter of WWE wrestler Windham Lawrence Rotunda. As a result of the accomplishments of her father, she is now able to compete in WWE championships, Raw Tag Team Championships, and Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

Kendyl Rotunda’s Personal Life: Discover Her Family

The famous actress Kendyl Rotunda is the daughter of WWE superstar Windham Lawrence Rotunda, a.k.a. Bray Wyatt, who was the wrestling world’s number one in 2012. As a result of her parents’ divorce, she lives with her sister and mother in Florida, where she concentrates on her studies and lives with her sister’s family.

Kendyl is known for her privacy, so not much is known about her personal life. ‘Samantha Rotunda’ is the daughter of a wrestler who married his college sweetheart, who was also a wrestler. After dating for some years, the couple got married in 2012 after several years of dating. As a result of the discovery that her husband was cheating on her with Bray’s fellow ring announcer JoJo Offerman, Samantha filed for divorce from him in 2017 after discovering his infidelity.

Rotunda’s parents are currently divorced, and her father is currently paying over $14,735 in child and spousal support to her mother, as well as paying up to $2,000 to the state. Additionally, he paid $50,000 to cover the costs of his legal representation. Bray initially refused to pay Samatha’s bills, but after the court ordered it, he began paying monthly alimony to her ex-partner.

Wiki-Bio of Kendyl Rotunda

In 2011 Kendyl Rotunda was born in the United States of America, and at the age of 14. As a child, Samantha Rotunda was born just before her parents, Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda, exchanged their wedding vows. It is also important to point out that Cadyn Rotunda, her younger sister, was also raised with her.

Rotunda’s parents are divorced at the moment and she is living with her respective partner. The parents are currently divorced and separated. Yes, Samantha’s mother is currently dating Dan, and her father is dating WWE ring announcer JoJo Offerman, who also happens to be her father’s ex-girlfriend. Moreover, the couple announced on social media on May 18, 2019, that they had given birth to a baby boy.

Kendyl Rotunda Net Worth
Kendyl Rotunda Net Worth

Kendyl Rotunda Net Worth:

As a young child, Kendyl Rotunda is content with the fact that she is still in her early stages. In recent years, Bray Wyatt has been recognized for the way he portrays characters on television. It is well known that he is a well-known wrestler and Kendyl Rotunda net worth of $5 million.

Kendyl Rotunda Personal Life:

As a well-known celebrity, Kendyl Rotunda is the daughter of WWE superstar Windham Lawrence Rotunda, also known as Bray Wyatt, who is more common in the media. She is a student at a Florida university as well as residing in Florida along with her mother and sister after her parents divorced. There can be a few details about Kendyl’s personal life that are not available because the details are kept private by her.

In addition to her wrestler father, Samantha Rotunda, his college sweetheart, was also married to her wrestler mother. They dated for a few years before they got married in 2012, after dating for quite some time. As a result of learning that the father of her daughter had an affair with JoJo Offerman, a fellow ring announcer with Bray, her mother Samantha filed for divorce from her husband in 2017.

Death of Kendyl Rotunda Father:

Bray Wyatt, a legend in the WWE, passed away today, leaving behind four children, including his daughter Kendyl Rotunda, without a father. Despite this, the late wrestler’s social media accounts have revealed the intimate bond between him and his daughter, which has revealed their intimate relationship. I was stunned to hear on August 25 that well-known wrestler Bray Wyatt had died from cardiac issues after a short illness.

There is no doubt that most people know the well-liked performer for his antics as a WWE wrestler, but his role as a devoted father to his daughter Kendyl Rotunda and her brothers outside of the ring was equally important to him.

Although there was tension between her parents, Kendyl Rotunda enjoyed a close relationship with her father, which the late wrestler often expressed on his Instagram account, saying that Kendyl and her siblings were one of the main reasons for his success

Kendyl Rotunda Family:

Four children are descended from American professional wrestler Bray Wyatt. Their names are Kendyl, Cadyn, Knash Sixx, and Hyrie Von Rotunda. Considering that the wrestler and two distinct ladies welcomed the four children into their home, there is no possibility that all four children have the same mother.

There is a similarity between the mother of Kendyl and Cadyn Rotunda. Samantha Rotunda, his ex-wife, and Bray Rotunda were the parents of these children. It is the wrestler’s oldest children who are shown in the picture. The early years of their lives are not known to us.

Alternatively, JoJo, who is an announcer for the WWE, is the mother of Hyrie Von Rotunda as well as Knash Sixx Rotunda. Knash Sixx Rotunda is the only child of his parents, and he is the firstborn child of his parents. As he was born to his parents in May of this year, he is four years old since he was born in May of that year.

It is important to note that Hyrie Von Rotunda is her parent’s only child and also their only child overall. There has been a great deal of attention paid to Kendyl Rotunda, a celebrity child since it was established. As the daughter of a well-known American professional wrestler, Bray Wyatt, she holds the distinction of being the most widely known wrestler’s daughter in the world.

Kendyl Rotunda Net Worth
Kendyl Rotunda Net Worth

Kendyl Rotunda Social Media Accounts:


Kendyl Rotunda is an American national who represents the Caucasian ethnic group and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group. It has only been a few weeks since she started going to school. In addition to being a diligent learner, she is also a good teacher. There are some sources of inspiration she can draw from in her career that are provided by her parents.

A special place in her heart belongs to the PlayStation 5. I think she is a very delightful and curious young girl who is gathering a lot of information about the world from her prosperous parents as well as from her relatives and friends.

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