Oliver Anthony Net Worth 2024 [Career, Married, Business]

There isn’t much discography that Oliver Anthony has because he became a viral country music sensation overnight when he independently released “Rich Men North of Richmond” in August 2023, which made him a viral country music sensation in less than 48 hours. Following Oliver’s song, right-wing conservatives seized on the lyrics, which spoke against taxes and some liberal views, whereas others called the song “offensive” and “fat-phobic” because of its anti-government lyrics.

He has always expressed his desire to live a simple life, despite being a former high school dropout. He can demonstrate this in his rejection of music deals worth millions of dollars, as well as in the lyrics of many of the songs he sings, most of which are opposed to extravagant living. With the money he is reportedly earning from the YouTube channel where he has been uploading music since 2022, Oliver Anthony has been reportedly estimated to have a net worth that ranges between $1.5 and $2 million as a result of the revenue he is making from his YouTube channel.

Who is Oliver Anthony?

As a young, talented singer-songwriter, Oliver Anthony has been gaining prominence in the world of music as a rising star poised for a remarkable music career. He is a name gaining prominence in the world of music. There’s no doubt that Oliver Anthony’s journey to musical acclaim has been marked by a unique blend of creativity and dedication, borne out of the busy city of Los Angeles, California, on 30 June 1992.

It was evident to Oliver from a very early age that he had a passion for music, often experimenting with various instruments as well as writing songs. Due to his innate musical talent and compelling voice, he quickly gained recognition and began performing in local venues around Los Angeles as soon as he was able to. The popularity of Oliver’s original compositions continued to grow as his music resonated with a growing number of audiences.

With the release of his debut album, “Harmony in My Soul,” he showcased his soulful vocals as well as the heartfelt lyrics in the album. It was a critically acclaimed album that catapulted him into the mainstream music scene and catapulted him to success. Bringing together elements of soul, pop, and R&B, his music combines elements of a variety of genres, creating an entrancing and unique sound that sets him apart from other artists in the industry.

Oliver Anthony Net Worth:

Oliver Anthony Net Worth is estimated by our research to be $2 Million, which is following our calculations. Despite his success as a singer, Oliver Anthony’s net worth is largely determined by his success as a singer.

Oliver Anthony Net Worth
Oliver Anthony Net Worth

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Becoming A Factory Worker

In the nine years following his dropping out of high school, Anthony worked industrial jobs in factories in North Carolina and Virginia, where he helped to establish a network of thousands of blue-collar workers on the job sites and in the factories in which he worked. His long Facebook post about how he got inspired by most of the songs he sings was the result of constant interactions with these people which he mentioned in a lengthy post on his Facebook account. According to what he said, “People are so damn tired of being neglected, divided, and manipulated.”

A work accident that happened to him in 2013, while he was working at a paper mill in North Carolina, resulted in him suffering a skull fracture as a result of which he was unable to work for a period of half a year. As a result of his injury, he went back to work in manufacturing as an outside sales representative from 2014 to 2023, where he visited factories and construction sites.

Singing Career

Anthony became known for his country and folk music as a full-fledged singer and songwriter after adopting the name of his grandfather and creating Oliver Anthony Music. Besides playing the resonator guitar, Anthony is also described as having a raspy, gravelly, and distinct sound with a heavy twang to his voice. His career as a musician began after he recovered from alcoholism in 2021, and he began releasing music on his YouTube channel as Oliver Anthony Music in 2022, a year after he began writing music.

The problem of alcohol abuse and mental health issues plagued Anthony for five years. It is said that he broke down one day and prayed to God that if God allowed him to follow his dream, he would stay sober and remain that way for the rest of his life. The West Virginia music channel ‘radio’ was interested in recording a song for its own YouTube music channel thirty days after he prayed for this song. The year was 1967, when he recorded his first professionally recorded song, “Rich Men North of Richmond”, and released it.

Personal Life

Despite Anthony’s love for privacy, he has mentioned he was thinking of living in a camper with his wife and two children where he hoped to raise livestock in the future. Despite his rhetoric about being a low-income earner, Anthony was questioned by sceptics on how he was able to afford the camper although he claimed to be on a limited income.

Anthony explained in his lengthy Facebook post that he paid $97,500 for the property (his farm) in 2019 and owed about $60,000 on it at this time. As the owner of a 27′ camper, he has a roof tarp that he bought off Craigslist for $750 to cover the roof of the vehicle.

Oliver Anthony Height:

He maintains a well-balanced physique that is well-suited to his career as a singer as well as keeping a well-balanced physique. His height is approximately 175 centimetres (5 feet 9 inches) and his weight is in the range of 67 kg (148 lbs), which is the perfect combination of a classic and versatile body type for an artist.

Educational Background:

A thirst for knowledge and excellence were the hallmarks of Anthony’s academic journey throughout his university years. During his time at school, he excelled in a variety of subjects, especially mathematics and the sciences, after he attended a local grammar school. As a result of his academic excellence, he was awarded a scholarship to study at a prestigious university, where he studied computer science, providing him with the foundation for his future business endeavours.

First Business Ventures:

From an early age, Anthony showed an inclination toward entrepreneurship that was evident even in his youth. As a teenager, he started a small computer repair company which was his first venture into the world of business. His early experience in business taught him valuable lessons in customer service, financial management, and the importance of being able to adapt to changing circumstances.


As Anthony’s journey progressed, he faced many challenges along the way. He faced significant challenges when launching his first major business venture after he graduated from university, including financial constraints as well as strong competition in the market. However, these challenges served to sharpen him as a businessman, instilling in him the value of perseverance, strategic planning, and assessing the risk associated with a project.

Oliver Anthony Net Worth
Oliver Anthony Net Worth

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Is Oliver Anthony Married?

Yes, Oliver Anthony is a married man. With his wife and two children, he currently resides in Farmville, Virginia, with the rest of his family. On an off-the-grid property, on which they intend to raise livestock, they live in a modest camper. In the music industry, Anthony’s protest against fame and extravagant offers aligns with his commitment to a simple and private lifestyle as well as his rejection of fame and extravagant offers.


The journey that Oliver Anthony has taken from humble beginnings to becoming a successful business magnate is nothing short of extraordinary. In his story, he has demonstrated resilience, innovation, and a relentless drive for excellence that has led him to great success.

As a result of his various ventures and philanthropic efforts, Anthony has not only amassed a substantial fortune but has also made a lasting impact on society through his philanthropic efforts. The fact that he has an estimated net worth of $2 million as of the end of 2024 is a testament to his business acumen and his ability to adapt to and thrive in many different industries.

Throughout his life, Anthony remained a figure of inspiration, showing that if you work hard, maintain a positive attitude, and do not fear taking risks, you can achieve extraordinary success.

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