Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth 2024 How Much He Makes?

There is no doubt that Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth and their incredible strength and massive physiques have made waves in the world of fitness and bodybuilding. With the help of Big Boy, also known as Hector Guadalupe Jr., and his brother, Big Boy Strength Cartel has emerged as one of the leading bodybuilding companies in the industry.

How Did Big Boy Get So Rich?

It is believed that Big Boy was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, on March 11, 1975. The debut studio album of the singer was released in 1993, although he has been active since 1990. He named the song Mr. Big and it became one of the biggest hits in the country. A number of other albums followed, such as Big Impact, Virus, and El Comeback, amongst others. As a result, he was even nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2003.

A compilation album called Reggaeton Reloaded Version 2.5 was released by Big Boy in 2006, and after that he took a break from his career and decided to return in 2007. The break lasted for a long time. As a result of his collaboration with Jamsha el Putipuerko in 2013, Big Boy managed to emerge again in the music scene.

In 2023, Gustavo is living in Guatemala and is enjoying the benefits that come with his high net worth. A new single by him called Tranquilo was released a few days ago. In my opinion, we have a strong feeling that we are going to hear more about him in the near future. There is no doubt that he is one of the most popular artists in Latin America.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Bio

Meet Jake Johns, who is also known as BigSC Boy or Jake Johns. Powerlifter, skateboarder, and viral video sensation, he is from San Clemente, California, and he is an upcoming powerlifter to watch out for.

He possesses the body of a strength athlete as well as the spirit of a concrete surfer despite his weight of over 330 pounds.

Jake Johns (Big SC Boy)

A powerlifter, personal trainer, and entrepreneur with almost 700k followers on his Instagram account, Jake Johns, who is also known on social media as Big SC Boy is a powerlifter, personal trainer, and entrepreneur.

Hector ‘Big Boy’ Morales, one of the brand’s most well-known athletes, is one of the founders of Big Boy Strength Cartel, as well as one of the brand’s most successful athletes.

A competitive powerlifter who has set multiple world records in the bench press and deadlift, as well as competing in bodybuilding competitions, he is also a powerlifter and has set several world records in the field.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth | Big Boy Net Worth

There is a problem with Big Boy Strength Cartel’s net worth. As well as having a YouTube channel, he has a blog as well. In March 2023, the American YouTube channel known as Big Boy had a net worth of $424,000 dollars at the time of writing this article.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth
Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth

Early Life

It was on September 8, 1969, that Kurt Alexander was born to Big Boy and his parents in Chicago, Illinois. At the age of two years old, his family moved from California to Los Angeles, where he was raised.

It is stated in the description of Big Boy’s book, “An XL Life: Staying Big at Half the Size,” that Big Boy grew up “homeless, fatherless and faced more than a few problems with gang violence.” In his teenage years, he began DJing at the parties at his high school in Culver City and later became a bodyguard for the hip-hop group The Pharcyde.

In the afternoon and nighttime, Big Boy was able to find success in his position as a host at the radio station, finding success with the afternoon show hosts, the Baka Boyz, and the morning show hosts, the Bedrock Boyz.

Owner of the team Strength Cartel

He is the owner of Strength Cartel, a company that manufactures supplements which are designed by Johns himself, as well as apparel, which is manufactured by the company.

His choice of the name “Strength Cartel” was influenced by the fact that he wanted something that was related to his hometown in San Clemente, California, and also incorporated the initials S and C.

When Johns is spotted, he is often wearing a hat with the inscription “1903”, which stands for 19 for the S and 03 for the C in the equation.

Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth
Big Boy Strength Cartel Net Worth

Jake Johns (Big SC Boy)

On his Instagram page, Jake Johns, also known by his nickname Big SC Boy, has almost 700k followers, and he competes in powerlifting, is a personal trainer, and an entrepreneur.

As one of the founders of Big Boy Strength Cartel, Hector “Big Boy” Morales, who is also one of the most well-known athletes in the brand, is one of them.

As a competitive powerlifter, he has set multiple world records in the bench press as well as the deadlift, and he has also competed in bodybuilding competitions and won a lot of awards.

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