Julie Green Ministries Net Worth 2024 [Age,Life, Career]

Julie Green founded Julie Green Ministries in 2010. With over 20 years of ministry experience, Julie Green is an ordained minister. A Christian Life Coach and a Bachelor of Arts graduate from Liberty University, she has a degree in Christian Ministries.

In addition to spreading the gospel, the ministry helps those in need. This ministry shares the gospel of Jesus Christ and helps people grow in their faith and walk in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth:

Due to Julie Green Ministries’ private status, it is difficult to estimate her net worth and earnings. The Julie Green Ministries net worth has been reported to be $10 million. As well, Julie Green’s ministry is not about accumulating wealth or financial gain, but rather spreading the word of God and providing spiritual guidance.

Julie Green Biography

As a child, Julie Green was born in the United States on January 28, 1961. In addition to running different charity organizations and online channels, she also runs her website. When she was 16 years old, she decided to devote herself to Christianity. After she turned twenty years old, Julie began giving prophetic messages and teachings to the people in her religion to lead them forward.

Julie Green Early Life

As a child, Julie Green was raised in a Christian home in Texas, and she accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. The first time she preached to Jesus was at a very young age. When she was a student at Oral Roberts University, she met her first love, David, who would become her husband. Currently, Julie and David are married and have four children together.

Julie Green Ministries Husband:

Judith is married. Her late twenties were when she married Chris Green. October 28, 1999, was their wedding date.

A leading car dealership in Moline, Illinois, is owned and managed by her husband, Chris.

They are very supportive of each other and have been married for over two decades. In more than twenty years, they have three sons, Cayden, Carter Michael, and Collins Green.

Stunning Davenport, IA, United States house for this happy family.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth
Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

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Julie Green Ministries Wiki:

To spread the message of faith and the gospel, Prophet Julie founded Julie Green Ministries International in Davenport, Lowa, United States.

Globally, JGMI works to spread God’s love, faith, and hope through its spiritual and religious activities. Preaching, seminars, events, etc., are used to preach scriptural truths and Christian messages.

In addition to providing disaster relief, building schools, and providing training and job opportunities, JGMI also raises and distributes funds to other charitable organizations.

Despite violating the guidelines, this ministry’s YouTube channel became famous. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, TikTok, Rumble, and others now offer them.

Over 30 million views from only 325 YouTube videos have gained her over 117k subscribers. Over 10k followed her on Twitter. More than 5.5k follow her on Instagram. Over 120k people follow them on Facebook. She spreads spirituality, and God’s word.

Julie Green Ministries Age

What is the age of Julie Green? Do you know how old she is? Our research on Julie Green has been extensive, and we have examined various social media platforms, Wikipedia, open source platforms, and several blogs to gather as much information as possible about her.

After conducting an extensive investigation, we concluded that Julie Green was born on July 19, 1987, which, in turn, means that she will be 35 years old by the year 2023. His current address is Davenport, IA, USA, 52807 where he resides.

Julie Green ministries Height & Weight

There is approximately 6 feet and 5 inches between Julie Green and the ground. It is estimated that the weight of the object is around 60 kilograms. During the day, the weight will change. The next section of this article will cover the husband of Julie Green as well as some additional information.

Julie Green’s Personal Life

Julie Green and Trent Green have been married since February 5th of 1994, when they got married. As a family of three, they have three children, T.J., Derek, and Janelle Green, who are their three sons and one daughter.

Julie Green Ministries Net Worth
Julie Green Ministries Net Worth

Julie Green Career

There have been numerous evangelistic campaigns that she has conducted, attended conferences and seminars, and written several books on her ministry, including “You Are Priceless” and “In His Presence.” She is the host of a television program called “Julie Green Ministries.” She has authored several books on her ministry, including “You Are Priceless.”

Julie Green founded Julie Green Ministries in 1995 to spread the gospel by reaching out to people around the world, an organization she has been dedicated to since its inception.

In addition to being the wife of former NFL athlete Trent Green, Julie Green is also an analyst for CBS Sports NFL, and after 15 years in the league, she worked as a reporter for the network. She is also the chairperson and the founder of the Trent Green Family Foundation, which is the foundation that he founded in memory of his wife, Julie Green.

Known for her work as an evangelist, a teacher, and a mentor, she has made a lasting impact on the world. In her ministry, Julie Green’s goal is to give women the tools to live a life of faith, empower them to discover their identity and purpose in Christ and equip them to live their lives to the fullest.

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Julie Green Ministries International (JGM International)

The founder and owner of the ministry is Julie Green, who is known for her YouTube channel Julie Green Ministries International, which she runs.

To achieve this mission, Julie Green Ministries hopes to transform the lives of people through God’s unconditional love, His Word, and the hope that comes from becoming a closer friend of His.

As a Christian ministry, Julie Green Ministries was founded in 1998 by Julie Green as a way to support the local community.

In addition to distributing relief materials and constructing hospitals and schools, this organization is one of the largest international organizations providing development and humanitarian assistance to developing nations.

In addition to her work as the founder of Operation Blessing International, Julie Green has been responsible for founding several other Christian ministries including Homeboy Industries, which helps young people at risk get training and jobs, as well as Operation Blessing International, which offers disaster relief throughout the world.

In the year 2014, Julie Green was ranked as the sixth richest woman in the world by the renowned magazine “Forbes” with a monetary value of $600 million, placing her at the top of its list of the world’s richest women.

It was founded in the year 1984 by Julie Green in a Christian ministry called Julie Green Ministries. Houston, Texas is the city in which the church’s headquarters are located.

This ministry was founded in 1987 by Julie Green and is one of the leading Christian ministries in the world today. There is an estimate that the organization will be worth $150 million by the year 2023, according to the organization.

With 26 schools and 42 churches under its wing, along with the ministry’s TV network, which is estimated to be watched by 2 million people weekly, the ministry runs 26 schools. As well as running a publishing house and a music label, Julie Green Ministries also runs a publishing house.

Currently, Julie Green Ministries International is ranked #4 in the world on YouTube with over 25.40K subscribers. As of now, 103 videos have been uploaded to this channel in just one year.

Julie Green Ministries International Social media

Social Media  Links
Julie Green Ministries Website Click Here
Julie Green Ministries Facebook Click Here
Julie Green Ministries Twitter Click Here
Julie Green Ministries YouTube Click Here
Julie Green Ministries Truth Social Click Here
Julie Green Ministries Rumble Click Here

Julie Green Ministries Rumble

Julie Green Ministries on Rumble

  • Platform for Julie Green’s prophetic messages. Julie Green Ministries utilizes a video-sharing platform known as Rumble to make available their founder’s prophetic pronouncements, which she believes are direct words from God about current events, which are shared on their website.

  • Variety of content. A number of different types of content are posted on the channel, such as sermons, teachings, and live streams of Julie Green’s events.

  • Engaged community. Julie Green’s videos are actively commented on and interacted with by viewers, creating a kind of community among all the people who follow her.

  • Source of controversy. Julie Green’s prophecies have received some criticism and debate on the channel, with some disputing the accuracy and methods of Julie Green’s prophecies.

  • Growing audience. Julie Green Ministries’ Rumble channel has been gaining a sizable following of people who find her message to be meaningful and impactful, regardless of the controversy surrounding it.

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