Melody Holt Net Worth 2024 [Career, Salary, Life]

Melody Holt is an entrepreneur and television personality best known for starring alongside her ex-husband Martell in the reality television show Love & Marriage: Huntsville. As well as being a co-founder and CEO of the real estate firm, Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship, she is also the vice chairman of the company. A net worth of $2.2 million has been estimated for Melody Holt as of the year 2024.

Melody HoltEarly Life

Born on November 11, 1985, Melody is a n American artist who hails from Brundidge, Alabama. Throughout her childhood, Melody always looked up to her mother, Vanessa Rodgers Tracy, as a role model who was a writer herself.

A few years after she finished high school, the young lady attended Alabama A&M University for a while. Having been inspired by her mother’s work, she wanted to pursue a degree in English Literature and Composition.

The following semester she got a job as a teacher at a local middle school and chose to pursue that career after graduating from college. Before diving into the world of entrepreneurship, she spent some time in that field.

Melody Holt Real Estate Career

While working as a middle school English teacher at a middle school, Melody met and fell in love with Martell Holt. The same school where Martell worked as a teacher was also where he taught. After they began dating, they made the decision not long after that to quit teaching to spend more time together.

When they started a lawn care business, they had no idea what they were doing at the beginning, but over time they learned as they went along. Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LLC was the name of the small business that they started.

It is no surprise that Holt & Holt evolved into one of the top-rated companies in their area when it comes to renovation, home expansion, and restoration work. For just seven years, the couple grew their small operation into a multimillion-dollar company.

Melody Holt Net Worth
Melody Holt Net Worth

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Melody Holt Media Career

As a real estate couple, the Holts have been able to make a name for themselves in the industry and this has helped them to get onto reality television. There is a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network called Love & Marriage: Huntsville that is starring Martell and Melody.

As part of the program, five other African-American real estate entrepreneurs will be joining them. This show aims to present the reality of marriages that work together to achieve success as a team.

‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ has been one of the biggest hits of the season, making both Melody Holt and Martell Holt household names as reality television stars. In its sixth season, the show continues to attract over 300,000 viewers per episode and is still one of the most popular television shows.

Melody Holt Net Worth and Earnings

Melody is reported to earn a cool $56,000 per season of Love & Marriage, according to reports. She is most likely to have this as her primary source of income, while real estate is also a steady source of income for her. Her income from Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship, however, has not been disclosed publicly yet.

She is also a motivational speaker who is paid $196 per hour for her services as a motivational speaker. The course, which costs $3,000, can also be purchased on her website, as well as a mini-course, which costs $699. The last thing she gets paid for is sponsored posts on Instagram, for which she gets paid $6,000 a post. As a result, Melody Holt Net Worth is $2.2 million as a result of this.

Melody Holt Personal Life

In July 2008, Melody got married to Martell, becoming his business partner and having four children with him. We have three daughters, named Mariah, Malani, and Maliah, and one son, Martell Jr.

It was too late for the couple to reunite once Melody uncovered that Martell was seeing another woman just two weeks before they broke up. In the beginning, they reconciled, but in the end, she filed for divorce after some time had passed. Even though the divorce was bitter, the couple agreed to share custody of the children and divide the assets equally between them. There is a report that Melody Holt is currently dating someone named Devyn Keith at the moment.

Martell and Melody Holt: Divorce, Kids, Still Together?

A 2 year ago, Melody walked out on the father of her children’s offspring on April 4th, 2020. As the couple has four children: Mariah, 9, Martell II, 8, Maliah, 4, and a new baby (Jan 2020), it is obvious that they have watched the couple recover from Martell’s infidelity since the first season of the show began.

Several of their co-stars, including LaTisha and Marceau Scott, as well as Kimmi and Maurice Scott, have expressed their concerns about this issue on camera. On February 6, 2021, a new season of the show is scheduled to premiere on OWN just in time for the start of a new year. She has embarked on a motivational speaking career as a result of her divorce from her husband.

Her goal is to empower women dealing with infidelity and divorce by hosting specials on OWN in the hope that she can empower others as well. Although it appears that the two have finalized their divorce, it has been reported that Martell cheated on Melody with “his mistress” after they had recently separated.

Melody Holt Boyfriend, Relationship

Following her departure from Martell in April 2020, Melody Holt established an academy as her next step. Enrollment began in May, and the first class was held at the beginning of June. The number of entrepreneurs she has created through her academy has reached close to 190, most of whom are African American women.

As she said, despite “obstacles and everything,” Melody S. Holt just wants to push the Melody S. Holt brand forward to get through her divorce. Moreover, at the time, she did not appear to be dating anyone at all at the moment.

Melody Holt Net Worth
Melody Holt Net Worth

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Why didn’t Martell Holt pay for Sheree Whitfield’s birthday dinner?

In Season 15 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Shereé and Martell began dating, but it didn’t take long for the couple to get into trouble once they started dating. After Sheree and Kenya Moore first disagreed over a supposed direct message that Martell allegedly sent to her in the past, Martell then came under fire during Sheree’s birthday dinner on episode 14 because of his behaviour.

How come? There is a rumour going around that Martell didn’t pay for your birthday dinner after the show ‘RHOA’, according to a producer of the show.

Shereé’s first response to the conversation was to blame it on her ‘RHOA’ castmates with whom she was eating: Marlo Hampton and Sanya Richards-Ross. Although Marlo and Sanya denied spreading the rumour about Martell, the discussion regarding the birthday meal did not end there. During the celebration gathering, Sheree and Sanya began to argue over the specifics of how the celebration was going to be held.

“In the end, I think it was just too much for anyone to think that they are going to come to my birthday party and not bring me a gift, and not do this and not do that, and then you think that you will be guaranteed that you’re going to get your meal paid for, ” Sheree shouted. I don’t think we are married or anything of the sort.”

Sheree Whitfield comes to Martell Holt’s defense

There seemed to be a lot of gossip floating around about Sheree’s birthday during the first episode of ‘RHOA’ Season 15.

Sheree, in her defence, revealed all of the details regarding her birthday celebration when she revealed, “If I decide to throw a party on my birthday, I will invite some of my friends. Martell was invited as well.”.

Sheree quickly refused to agree to Andy’s demand that she pay for her services, as he jumped in and asked her if she should have paid for them. Marlo and Sheree agree that Sheree shouldn’t be forced to pay for her birthday, while Sheree agrees that Martell shouldn’t always be required to pay either because he was also a “guest” at the party.

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