Nima Momeni Net Worth 2024 [Bio, Age, Bob Lee, Sister]

Momeni, Nima, is an IT consultant/tech entrepreneur who is based in California and has been actively involved with the company as a technical partner since 2005.

There is a company he owns called Expand IT, Inc., which supports various client markets like healthcare, finance, tech/startups, manufacturing, and services, as well as many other industries.

He is believed to be connected to the murder investigation involving Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App and the chief product officer at MobileCoin, whom Nima Momeni is believed to have known.

Nima Momeni Net Worth:

Nima Momeni net worth is expected to be around $5 Million by the year 2024. Based on Nima’s LinkedIn page, he has worked as a consultant and systems engineer with a variety of San Francisco-based companies, including Marfic and Coast Range Technologies, as stated in his LinkedIn profile.

According to Nima’s LinkedIn profile, she lives in Emeryville, California, which is located just north of Oakland in the Bay Area, on the west side of the Bay.

Nima Momeni Early Life:

In 1984, Nima Momeni was born to his parents, Mr. Momeni (father) and Mrs. Momeni (mother) in Emeryville, California, United States, and was the first daughter born to them.

A sister of his, Khazar Momeni, owns a unit in the Millennium Tower building and is married to a plastic surgeon by the name of Dino Elyassnia. In terms of religion, Nima Momeni belongs to the Christian faith.

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Nima Momeni Net Worth
Nima Momeni Net Worth

Nima Momeni Education:

Nima Momeni is the owner of Expand IT, an IT consulting firm that he joined in 2010, according to the information that can be found on his LinkedIn profile. Nima Momeni graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and has worked at Expand IT since 2010.

Nima Momeni Personal Life | Nima Momeni Sister:

Although it is known that Nima Momeni is married, as of this writing there is no information available about his wife’s name. As well as that, there are no known details concerning the existence of any children that Nima Momeni might have.

Nima Momeni Sister:

Nima Momeni’s sister, Khazar Elyassnia, is a private individual, but because of the murder trial of her brother, she has found herself thrust into the spotlight. In addition to being married to plastic surgeon Dr Dino Elyassnia, she has two children of her own as well.

As far as Elyassnia is concerned, there has been no romantic relationship between her and Bob Lee, the victim of the murder, and she has said that she is devastated by the allegations against her brother. She could play an important role in Momeni’s trial, which is scheduled to begin in November 2023, by providing her testimony.

Nima Momeni Career:

A system/network engineer by profession, Nima Momeni has been in the industry since 2005. As part of his duties, he provided onsite and remote technical support to enterprise clients and managed overseas teams of IT professionals. After two years working for the company, he left the company in 2007.

Having joined Coast Range IT in 2006, he served there for nearly seven years, providing support to SMB clients throughout the South Bay area, both locally and remotely.

During the time he spent at Diablo IT, SPOC, and other companies, he also worked as a consultant. In his role as a consultant, he managed the day-to-day operations of IT as well as provided project management and full IT support to his clients.

His career as a consultant ended in August 2013 and he went on to start his own IT company, Expand IT Inc. SMB and enterprise clients are served by an expert enterprise IT team that provides reliable and efficient technology solutions as well as cost-effective support services that are tailored to their needs.

Nima Momeni Salary:

A company called Expand IT is owned by Nima, the owner of the company. In his bio, Nima has written, “A dedicated technology partner since 2005, Nima is devoted to the success of its customers”

Nima has a variety of experience supporting many kinds of clients in many different sectors, including Healthcare, Finance, High Tech/Startups, Technology, Manufacturing and Service sectors.” Nima’s salary is estimated to be $1 million per year.

Nima Momeni Source of Income:

It is Nima’s Businessman career that is the main source of Nima’s income, but Nima may also be operating other businesses where Nima has been earning a good amount of income.

Nima Momeni Wife:

As far as we know, there is no information on Nima Wife available on the web yet and we do not have any information about Nima Wife yet. If we receive any information regarding Nima’s wife, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Nima Momeni Business And Charity:

Furthermore, Nima Momeni is an active investor in the technology sector as well as his various business activities.

Some new businesses have been invested in, including Team, a company that offers office management software, and SaaS Ventures, which is a venture capital firm.

Furthermore, Nima has shown his generosity to a large number of non-profit organizations through his donations. It is through his wealth that he has been able to positively impact the world through causes such as poverty, healthcare, and education.

Nima Momeni Height, Age, Birthday:

In Nima Momeni’s case, she was born in an American family in the United States of America. The co-founder of Cash App, Bob Lee, has been accused by him of killing him. Nima is going to be 38 years old in April 2023, but there is not much information available regarding her exact birthday.

His height is about 5 feet 8 inches and his weight is around 72 kilograms. Besides having a dark brown hair colour and captivating brown eyes, Nima’s appearance is stunning as well. In the US, he wears size 9 shoes, but the measurements of his body are not disclosed.

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Nima Momeni Net Worth
Nima Momeni Net Worth

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Nima Momeni Family & Relationship:

According to reports, Nima Momeni is married, but little is known about his spouse and children, as there is no information about them available. Despite the possibility of past relationships, there is no concrete information about them at present.

The information he discloses about his marriage, his wife, and his children is also kept private.

Nima Momeni Facts and Trivia

  • Nima Ahmed is an Emeryville, California-based tech executive and entrepreneur who is 38 years old.

  • The software business Expand IT was founded by him.

  • The creator of the Cash App, Bob Lee, was fatally stabbed by Momeni.

  • An isolated section of San Francisco was the scene of the purported murder that occurred on April 4, 2023.

  • As a result of her arrest, Nima was brought before Judge Christine Van Aken on April 15, 2023.

  • The murder of Bob Lee has been charged against him.

  • It was abruptly announced that Momeni’s hearing would be rescheduled.

  • The man is also known as a “fellow tech executive” and a “tech consultant” in the industry.

  • The District Attorney’s Office believes that Nima Momeni committed a murder that was premeditated.

  • A disagreement between Nima and Bob Lee about Momeni’s sister allegedly took place before the stabbing took place.

  • It is also known that Nima Momeni is the “suspected killer” and the “accused killer” of Bob Lee.

  • It was reported that he was taken into custody in Emeryville on Thursday morning.

  • Nima is accused of driving Bob Lee to a dark and isolated place before committing the murder.

  • There was a report that before the incident, he and Bob Lee had stood on the sidewalk for around five minutes before the incident occurred.

  • Media attention has been focused on the case of Nima Momeni for a long time.


Nima’s journey as a technology enthusiast and innovator is a testament to the power of vision, curiosity, and determination to overcome obstacles and achieve success. To achieve financial success, he has relied heavily on his entrepreneurial spirit and technological achievements.

Nima has never ceased to influence the landscape of technology with his visionary approach. It is a topic that is of interest to tech enthusiasts and aspiring technologists alike since he has an impressive net worth.

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