Ralph Barbosa Net Worth 2024 [Career, Bio, Wife]

I am looking forward to hearing from Ralph Barboza! This is a popular name that is known to everyone, right? When it comes to comedy, he is quite an interesting person. As a result of the actor appearing in Netflix’s special comedy show, he has been able to get a lot of attention.

As a 26-year-old, Ralph Barbosa has achieved something few other young people have ever achieved. He is a well-known comedian in the United States of America because of his exceptional skills set in the comedy line and his Netflix comedy show has gained popularity among fans in recent years.

His comedy has always made him easily stand out from the crowd without any matter of time, which is one of the exciting things about him for the future since he has worked in various places as a television personality too. Can you tell me how old Ralph Barbosa is?

Ralph Barbosa Growing Career and Age:

Ralph Barbosa is a 26-year-old actor who was born in 1996, which puts his age somewhere around 26 years of age. It was in Dallas, Texas where he grew up as a child, enjoying the company of his older siblings and spending time with them.

In all his public platforms, he always spoke about his work and kept the details of his personal life out of sight. Since both of his parents are of different ethnic backgrounds although he is of American nationality, he is a guy of mixed ethnicity. His religion is Christian, and he follows this religion as his way of life. Throughout his childhood, as his social media profile shows on some different platforms, he was always a loving child of his grandparents as well as his parents.

In addition to being married, he is also a father of a child. As you can see, he has posted some pictures with his kid on his Instagram profile.

Ralph Barbosa Net Worth:

He is best known in 2024 for his role in Ralph Barbosa: Cowabunga (2024), which premiered on Netflix’s network in 2024. By the year 2023, Ralph Barbosa net worth is estimated to be $2.78 million. With his amazing comedy skills, Ralph is one of the upcoming comedians who will have a bright future ahead of him.

Ralph Barbosa Net Worth
Ralph Barbosa Net Worth

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Ralph Barbosa Early Life

It was on a sunny day in Dallas, Texas in the United States, on October 3, 1996, that Ralph Barbosa was born. Those who were close to his family and who were celebrating his birth on that special day were filled with joy.

Although we do not know the specific names of his parents, we do know that his mother is a housewife and that his father works in his hometown. Ralph is an American of mixed ethnicity, and he follows the Christian faith and is a member of a church. His high school education was completed at North Mesquite High School, where he graduated with a diploma.

Who is Ralph Barbosa Dating?

Currently, there are no available details about Ralph Barbosa dating life, as well as his current relationship status as of now. As for his romantic relationships with other people, he has chosen to keep them private and has not publicly disclosed any information about the relationship or his personal life.

Ralph Barbosa Some Interesting Facts

A few interesting facts about Ralph Barbosa can be found below:

  • As a comedian with a great deal of experience, Ralph has partnered with many other well-known comedians such as JR De Guzman, Mark Normand, Dave Attell, Adam Ferrara, and Anjelah Johnson over the years.

  • This honour has been conferred upon him by a prestigious award which has been given to some of the most renowned comedians in the history of the world, the New York Latino Film Festival Stand-Up Comedy Competition. He was able to take advantage of these opportunities because of his success.

  • It was one of the most significant milestones in Ralph’s career when he was featured in HBO’s HA Festival Comedy Special during the festival.

Ralph Barbosa Comedy Career:

In the early days of Ralph’s comedy journey, he performed in small clubs and small venues around the city. He quickly gained the attention of people with his unique style of humour, and he became a regular performer at various comedy events and shows in the following years. He got his big break in 2019 when he won the “Funniest Comic in Texas” competition, launching him into the limelight as a celebrity comic.

It didn’t take long for his success to continue to grow as in the same year he won the Stand-Up Comedy Competition at the New York Latino Film Festival. Since then, Ralph has been able to establish himself as one of the most highly sought-after comedians in the country. It has been reported that he has made his HBO debut on the HA Festival Comedy Special in addition to running a YouTube channel that has over 331k subscribers and 53 million views on YouTube.

Ralph Barbosa Wife:

  • A beloved comedian in the country of his birth, Ralph Barbosa regularly shares pictures of himself and his family on social media, sharing them with his fans and friends. As for his personal life, he has kept it private, never revealing details about his girlfriend or wife or any other personal details about him.

  • In one of Ralph’s Facebook posts, he posted some photos with a child, and he claimed the child as his son, but he did not reveal his name or his parentage. The relationship status of Ralph at the moment is committed, and it is unknown if he is married.

Ralph Barbosa Net Worth

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FAQ About Ralph Barbosa:

  1. Who is Ralph Barbosa?

    • The comedian, television personality, and social media star, Ralph Barbosa, brings joy to his fans through his hilarious performances, which have been seen around the world.

  2. What is the Age of Ralph Barbosa?

    • There are currently 26 years of age for Ralph Barbosa.

  3. What is the Ethnicity of Ralph Barbosa?

    • He has a diverse heritage, which is reflected in the ethnicity of Ralph Barbosa.


In the comedy world, Ralph Barbosa is well known for his unique sense of humour and his impressive achievements, and he is a rising star. As well-documented as his professional success has been, he chooses to keep his personal life away from the limelight to maintain his privacy.

I hope Ralph’s journey in comedy will be one to watch and enjoy for many years to come with his well-planned future in comedy and ongoing dedication to making people laugh. There is no doubt that in the years to come, this talented comedian will continue to be a source of laughter and success.

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