Hickok45 Net Worth 2024 [Career, Cars, Wife, Age]

In terms of YouTube channels dedicated to firearms, Hickok45 stands out as a prominent channel that focuses on both the modern and historical aspects of firearms. The article, written by Greg Kinman, a retired English teacher and sheriff’s auxiliary officer who founded Hickok45 in 2014, explores its origins, its revenue streams, Kinman’s expenditure tendencies, as well as an estimate of his Net Worth in 2024 based on his expenditure tendencies.

Hickok45 Net Worth:

‘Hickok45’ is a YouTube channel created by a former English middle-school teacher and a retired police officer from Tennessee with the distinction of having served ten years in the police service. In the past few years, Hickok45 Net Worth estimated at $7.5 million.

In most of his videos, he demonstrates and provides a review of a wide variety of firearms, both historic and modern, from across the globe. Occasionally, he will take part in controlled fire tests with a variety of guns, emphasizing safety at all times. In some of his videos, he does the filming together with his son John, who primarily does the video editing.

Hickok45 Net Worth, Salary, Cars & Houses

A retired English teacher at Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennessee, Greg Kinman is a former English teacher in his field. His son, John, and he started a YouTube channel, “Hickok45” in 2007, after he retired after a great career in the Navy. With over 4.5 million subscribers, the channel has received more than 1.3 billion views and has over 4.5 million subscribers.

Hickok45 Net Worth
Hickok45 Net Worth

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Age, Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

In 2021, how old and how tall will Hickok45 be, and what will be his weight and height? As of today, July 30, 2021, Hickok45, who was born on July 1, 1950, is 71 years old as of today, July 30, 2021, the date that he was born. Even though he stands at a height of 6′ 8′′ and has a height of 203 cm in centimetres, he weighs about 190 pounds and 86 kilograms in pounds and kilograms.


As far as Greg was concerned, he didn’t say where he attended school, although he did attend high school. His academic performance was excellent and he went on to graduate from college after completing his studies. A lot of the time, he goes to Austin Peay State University in California, which is in the United States of America. In the past, he used to spend a lot of time stalking animals to get information about them. It was his father’s responsibility to teach him the skills of shooting and using firearms as he grew up. His college basketball team used to be one of the best in the country.

Dating, girlfriends, wife, and kids

There are no subtleties to be found in Greg’s channel. The man mentioned his son, John, just a few moments ago. There was no mention of his better half or any other members of his family by him. A great deal of his friends are fans of his channel, but not everyone likes the content on it. Once, his recordings were banned from YouTube since they flouted the rules of the platform.

A Professional Life

Following his graduation from high school, he began working as a teacher in junior high schools where he taught English. The man launched a YouTube channel after quitting the school where his child also worked and soon after resigning from it. The song’s first video was released in 2007 as part of a promotional campaign.

The number of recordings that have been made to date has exceeded 1200. In the field of firearms, this is perhaps the most well-known channel out there. A description of the guns and how to use them is given in the tapes by Greg.

The recordings contain a wealth of information about a wide range of weapons that have been produced in recent times. Brief history of weapons can be found in the video as well. Among his most well-known recordings is “44 Magnum.”

As a result of the video’s popularity, over 17 million people have viewed it. The loved ones of the man gave him a lot of encouragement and support before he started his YouTube channel.


Indeed, he did not mention the school he attended for his studies, but he indeed attended high school. Having a good intellect, he achieved good results in school and graduated from college as a result of his excellent grades. There is a branch of Austin Peay State University in California that has branches all over the country, and he attended the university there.

His favorite thing to do is stalk animals and he spends a lot of time doing that. The father of his son always trained and instructed him on how to shoot firearms and how to use them appropriately. During his college years, Tri was an active member of the college basketball team as a member of the team.

Family Life:

On the other hand, Greg’s YouTube channel exudes a feeling of individuality that is very evident. It is only his son John who is mentioned there by him. It is never mentioned that the rest of his family is also there.

Moreover, he has a large number of friends, but not all of them are fans of the channel that he runs. There was a time when he was banned from YouTube for violating the recording rules and regulations.

Hickok45 Net Worth
Hickok45 Net Worth

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Professional Life:

Immediately after graduating from high school, he began his career working in secondary schools as an English teacher. He then began working with his son on a YouTube channel after he finished school and ran the channel for a few years.

Awards Earned:

The YouTube personality Greg hasn’t won any major awards in the past, but he is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s most popular YouTube personalities today. As one of the top educators in Tennessee, he was recognized as one of the best in the field. There is no doubt that his classmates and friends hold him in the highest regard. Some students at the school believe him to be an outstanding teacher in the classroom.

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