Viktor Bout Net Worth 2024 [Biography, Age, Height]

Many people, when they hear the name Viktor Bout, feel a sense of fear in their hearts. There is no doubt that Bout is one of the most notorious arms dealers in modern history, better known as the “Merchant of Death.”

It is well known that he had a network of many connections and his willingness to do business with anyone, regardless of their political or moral stance, made him a valuable asset for governments, rebels, and terrorists alike, resulting in him becoming a valuable asset for all parties.

He has been the subject of books, documentaries, and Hollywood films, and his capture and subsequent trial, both of which have captured the attention of the world, have been the subject of a great deal of interest.

Viktor Bout Net Worth:

Viktor Bout’s estimated net worth of around $50 million underscores his prominence in the realm of arms dealing and entrepreneurship. As a former Soviet military translator, he has leveraged his skills and connections to build a significant fortune in the arms trade.

While specific details about his salary might not be publicly available, his involvement in high-value arms transactions and his reputation in the industry likely contribute substantially to his wealth.

Bout’s notoriety as a key figure in the global arms trade has made him a subject of fascination and scrutiny, with his story often captivating the public’s interest. Despite controversies surrounding his activities, his substantial net worth reflects his considerable success in his chosen field.

Viktor Bout Wife, Daughter:

It is important to note that Viktor Bout is married. His wife’s name is Alla Bout. There was a wedding in 1992 between the couple.

There is a daughter of Viktor Bout. She goes by the name of Elizaveta Bout. It is believed that she was born in the United Arab Emirates in 1994.

Viktor Bout Net Worth
Viktor Bout Net Worth

Victor Bout School of Philosophy:

I do not know the specifics of Viktor Bout’s academic background, including his elementary and secondary school experiences, at the time of his arrest. In the absence of such information, it is hard to determine whether or not he graduated from high school.

Viktor Bout Career:

Whenever we discuss Viktor Bout’s professional life, we can’t forget the time he spent in the Soviet military during the Cold War. He also studied foreign languages at the Military Institute where he obtained his degree in foreign languages while he was there.

In the early 1990s, Bout founded his air freight company, Air Cess, during the dissolution of the Soviet Union, according to his website.

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Viktor Bout House:

It was well known that Viktor Bout possessed several properties around the world, including a luxurious mansion in Moscow’s affluent suburb of Zhukovka that he owned.

In addition to a swimming pool, sauna, gym, and cinema room, the house is reported to have been worth 6 million dollars. Additionally, the premises were decorated with numerous souvenirs collected during Bout’s travels, such as model aeroplanes, African figurines, and books about the myth of the equinox.

Russian police raided Bout’s house in 2008 after Bout was arrested, and it is unclear what happened to the house after that raid.

Viktor Bout Nickname:

Why Is Victor Bout Nicknamed Victor Bout? In 2003, British Minister Peter Hain presented a report at the United Nations on Bout’s extensive operations, the wide range of clients he had, as well as his willingness to circumvent embargoes, which earned him the nickname “Merchant of Death”.

During the report, Bout is accused of being the main conduit for the flows of aircraft and supplies that take arms from Eastern Europe – principally Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine – to the Middle East and Africa.

Viktor Bout Net Worth
Viktor Bout Net Worth

Viktor Bout Arresting and Extraditing:

The Central African Republic’s high court found Bout guilty of falsifying documents in 2000, although he was charged in absentia. It was later decided that the charges would not be pursued. The case of Bout was filed with Interpol two years later, on suspicion of money laundering, and he was put on the red list.

Because Bout was unable to establish a permanent residence, and because he was unable to prosecute the case within the time frame, it was dismissed. As a result of an Executive Order issued during the summer of 2004, Bout’s US assets were frozen. There was a sting operation conducted by the Drug Enforcement Agency in early 2008 that targeted Bout.

He was arrested in Bangkok, Thailand as a result of a Red Notice issued by Interpol based on an Interpol Red Notice issued by the US Government. Later in the year, a hearing was held in Bangkok to discuss the extradition request. There was a ruling in Bout’s favour by the Bangkok Criminal Court in August 2009.

This decision, however, was appealed by the United States the following year. The extradition of Bout to America was then carried out in 2010. There was fury in the Russian government, which claimed that the extradition to the United States was politically motivated and that it was illegal. As a result of the controversy, the Russian government imposed sanctions on anyone involved in extradition as a response to the situation.

Viktor Bout In the Media:

Many media properties have dealt with the Bout issue or have been influenced by the Bout issue. The third chapter of Nick Kochan’s book “The Washing Machine”, which was published in 2005, dealt with Bout.

The legend of Bout was the inspiration for the 2014 crime film, “Lord of War,” which starred Nicolas Cage as an international arms dealer who is on the run from the law.

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