Wes Watson Net Worth 2024 [Career, Age, Income, Height]

In addition to being a well-known YouTuber, fitness coach, and motivational speaker, Wes Watson has also inspired millions of people with his story of personal transformation. He has become an influential figure in the online fitness community since he has over 377,000 subscribers on YouTube.

What is Wes Watson Net Worth in 2024?

Wes Watson is the host of GP Penitentiary Life, a show hosted by him. Currently, it has nearly 377,000 subscribers on YouTube. Over more than a decade, Watson was imprisoned.

After moving to the city, he became interested in bodybuilding and personal fitness as a result. It was he who founded Watson Fit, a fitness company he founded himself. It is estimated that Wes Watson net worth will be $10 million as of January 2024.

Wes Watson Overview and Wiki

In 1983, Wes Watson was born in the state of California, United States of America. The real name of Wes Watson is also Wes Watson. Aside from his impressive height of 6 feet, he weights about 240 pounds and stands an impressive 6 feet tall.

There is an American national, Watson, who is an Instagram personality, a YouTuber, a fitness coach, and a motivational speaker who works in the field of fitness and health.

There are currently over 377,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, GP Penitentiary Life Wes Watson, which he started in 2019.

Wes Watson Net Worth
Wes Watson Net Worth

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Wes Watson Early Life

Growing up in California, Wes Watson enjoyed the beach lifestyle of the state, and the sports of surfing and skating as a young boy.

As time went by, his life began to take a turn for the worse when he became involved with drugs and hustling at the age of 15.

Wes Watson had investment visions in grade six even though he was involved in smoking weed and selling it at the time.

As a result of living a life of crime for many years, he has been arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison as a result.

Wes Watson Education

In terms of his educational background, Wes Watson has not revealed much information about himself. Whether or not he completed high school or went to college is not known at this time.

How much does Wes Watson earn? 

There is an estimated $30K in earnings per month for Wes Watson. As a result, Wes Watson is believed to earn around $360K per year in income.

It is possible to earn money per thousand views of videos on a channel that is monetized through ads. A monetized YouTube channel may earn between $3 and $7 for every thousand views of a video that it posts.

Sources of Income

There are a variety of ways in which YouTubers earn money, including:

YouTube advertising revenue 

Wes Watson’s fans want to know how much money he earns on YouTube and how often he posts.

In the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, YouTube content creators can earn about $2 – $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes a cut of their earnings.

Wes Watson earns a good amount of money from YouTube as a fitness enthusiast, motivational coach, and YouTuber in addition to being an avid fitness enthusiast.

Through Google Preferred, a deep-pocketed company can target ads to the top 5% of most popular content on Google. YouTubers generate additional income from YouTube Red subscribers who pay a monthly fee to view premium content on YouTube with no ads on top of it.

Marketing products, brand endorsements, and sponsorships 

One source of income is rarely the only source of income for YouTubers. YouTubers who earn a good living advertising their products, accepting sponsorships, or generating revenue from affiliate programs are the well-paid Youtubers. He earns around $5K per month as a result of brand endorsements and sponsorships.

We are so confident the information we have provided is accurate because we have combined our robust methodology, data collection, and algorithm to determine the amount based on the information we have provided. For our readers to be provided with accurate information, we have editors and industry professionals review the articles before they are published.

Lifestyle, Assets, and Expenditures

In Rancho Santa Fe California, the YouTuber owns a luxurious 9-acre property which has 11 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms and is situated on 9 acres of land. San Diego’s beach is only four minutes away from the house in which you are staying.

Car collection

Some expensive cars are owned by the YouTuber, including a set of 2021 Rolls-Royces, 2022 Maybachs, a 2022 McLaren 720s Spider, a 2021 Lambo Huracan, and a 2022 F8.

Additional expenses

As far as purchasing fitness equipment is concerned, the YouTube star spends quite a bit of his earnings on purchasing equipment to create his fitness videos. Every month, he invests around $5K in the stock market.

We have also been updating the net worth of similar YouTubers in the past few weeks.

Wes Watson Career:

As a result of Wes Watson being caught in the cannabis business, he spent 10 years in prison, and shortly after he was released, his real career began for him. His next step was to become a fitness trainer, after which he appeared on television and in magazines.

After that, Wes Watson became famous as a fitness trainer after being interviewed by YouTuber Big Herc, and that video was posted to his YouTube channel, changing the perception of him from an unknown individual to a famous one.

In December 2017, Watson launched his official YouTube channel on 23-Dec-2017. On this channel, he started posting fitness videos and slowly began getting traction here as well. He now has over 475k subscribers on the channel.

Aside from being an actor, he is now also a motivational speaker, giving guidance and motivation to his fans to start and grow new businesses.

There is also an official website designed by him (https://www.weswatson.com/) where he advises on how to become the best in life, so if you are interested in learning more about him and getting fitness training, you can register on his website.

Wes Watson Age, Height & Weight

I am going to talk about the current height and weight of Wes Watson, at the moment his height is 4 ft 6 in / 1.4 m and his weight is 240 pounds (108.862 kg) at the moment.

Wes Watson Biography

In the year 1983, Wes Watson was born in Diego, California, United States on 19 November. The child was raised by his mother and father who were both responsible for his upbringing. Although he completed his schooling at the local school in Diego, he was unable to graduate from there.

The things we want to tell you about him are that he has been involved in bad deeds since childhood because of his elder brother, which mainly involved selling illegal drugs and marijuana, due to which he has spent the last 10 years in jail.

In comparison to other people, he has lived a longer life than most of them. At the age of 13, he was a victim of the weed industry, and because of this, he spent 10 years in jail. I would like to tell you that other people believe that when one is placed in jail that their life or career is almost over. As we saw in Watson’s lifetime, however, we were able to witness the opposite of what we saw in others’ lifetimes.

There is no doubt that Wes Watson has changed from the person he used to be after spending ten years in prison. Having come out of jail, he began to motivate people to walk in the right direction in life, to live life with positive thinking, and to not walk in the wrong direction in life. Since coming out of jail, he has been able to motivate thousands of people.

As soon as he came out of jail, he began promoting health and fitness on his social media, mainly YouTube, and slowly gained the trust of people until he started becoming a role model for people. His life took on a new direction as a result of this decision. As a fitness trainer, this is how he is currently living his life, and how he is following his dreams.

Wes Watson Birthday:

It was on November 19, 1983, that Wes Watson began his journey as a California native. We will be celebrating the life and achievements of this charismatic individual and exploring the remarkable story of his life.

Wes Watson Net Worth
Wes Watson Net Worth

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Wes Watson’s Time in Prison:

For drug sales and using violence to collect a debt from a client, Wet Watson was sentenced to a ten-year prison term.

While inside he always had a positive outlook and was always looking for ways to improve his life as well as the lives of others.

Currently, he works as a YouTuber, social media influencer, and motivational speaker as well as a YouTuber.


As a life coach and motivational speaker, Wes Watson’s journey from a traumatic background to becoming a life coach and motivational speaker has served as a testament to the strength of change, the tenacity, and the ability to motivate others to achieve success in life.

It has been his commitment to professional development and civic engagement that has greatly benefited his financial success. Because of his continued capacity to inspire and lead others towards transformation, the fortune of Wes Watson attracts the attention of individuals who are seeking inspiration and personal development.

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