Company Yumble Net Worth & Bio 2024

8.3 million Yumble Net Worth:

During the Sharks’ 10th season, Joanna and David pitched Yumble to the Sharks citing their $1.3 million in sales at that time, as an example of their $1.3 million in sales. Yumble chicken pops and empanadas were prepared and presented to the Sharks as samples.

The idea behind Yumble is to provide healthy, fresh, delicious meals for kids on a weekly basis that can be delivered right to these parents’ doorsteps, without the parents having to do any cooking,” David explained during the pitch. Every meal is accompanied by a fun activity and a collective that keeps your kids engaged and excited all the way through the meal.

In order to make mealtimes easier on parents, Joanna asked, “Who wants to join us in removing the stress of mealtime once and for all?

There were a lot of positive comments from the Sharks. During one of his previous Shark Tank episodes, Kevin O’Leary explained that he had sold a meal kit company called Plated to the grocery store chain Albertsons for $300 million after he was on the show. In spite of this, O’Leary was concerned with the “problem of customer acquisition” in the face of the competition from other companies like Amazon’s Whole Foods.

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Company Yumble Net Worth:

Shark Tank vs. Yumble

  • How to Yumble:

    • Joanna Parker and Jason Parker founded Yumble in 2015.

    • Kids-approved meals are delivered to busy parents in a healthy, convenient way.

    • No artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives are used in Yumble meals.

    • Families can thaw and reheat the frozen meals provided by the company.

    • 2-10-year-old parents are Yumble’s target market.

  • The Shark Tank yumble:

    • Season 8, episode 12 of Shark Tank featured Yumble.

    • In exchange for 20% equity, the company paid Bethenny Frankel $100,000.

    • Frankel and Yumble never closed the deal.

    • Venture capital funding for Yumble in 2017 was $12.5 million.

    • $8 million in revenue for the company.

    • Desserts and snacks are now available from Yumble.

    • Mobile apps and a new website have also been launched.

Since 2023, Yumble has been growing and is still operating. For busy parents, this company offers healthy and convenient meals.

With Yumble, busy parents can get a convenient and healthy meal option. As a result of its appearance on Shark Tank, the company has experienced significant growth.

Yumble Net Worth
Yumble Net Worth

Yumble Net Worth and Bio-Data

Company – Yumble Founders Joanna Parker & David Parker
Starting of Company – Yumble 2016
Years Company – Yumble Completed 7 years as of 2023
Company – Yumble Net Worth $8 million

Interesting Facts about Yumble

  • Mama Bear Foods began Yumble in 2016 as a food delivery company.

  • You can microwave or bake Yumble products using eco-friendly packaging.

  • There have been articles featuring Yumble in magazines, newspapers, and television.

  • As well as a blog and a podcast about food and nutrition for families, Yumble has a blog with healthy eating and parenting tips.

  • Children enjoy fun and interactive meals.

  • With thousands of meals donated to kids in need, Yumble has partnered with No Kid Hungry to end childhood hunger.

  • You can either get a replacement meal or a refund if you are not satisfied with your meal from Yumble.

Yumble Founder:

Yumble was founded by Joanna Parker and David Parker with the help of a few friends. As a mom of three, Yumble was born out of frustration with the mealtime process, as she explained on Shark Tank and in the press, due to her frustration with the process.

“I found it challenging and stressful to put healthy foods in front of my kids who would throw it on the floor,” she added. “I really developed it out of my personal pain point.”

Yumble Net Worth
Yumble Net Worth

Delivery Options And Prices:

Does Yumble cost anything? I’d like to know how much it costs. According to how many meals you order per week, it will depend on how many meals you order.

We will take a closer look at the breakdown as follows:

  • For a week’s worth of six meals, the price per meal is $7.99, which is a very reasonable price

  • During the week, there are eight meals to choose from at a cost of $6.99 per meal

  • In the case of ordering 12 meals per week, you will have to pay a price of $5.99 per meal

All plans include free shipping and there are no hidden fees.

Delivery services are currently available across parts of the East Coast of the U.S., as well as in Texas and some areas in the Western and Midwestern regions of the country. You can find out whether your ZIP code is available for delivery on the Yumble homepage based on the information you provide.

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