Ndo Champ Net Worth 2024 [Career, Age, Wife]

As far as fitness and bodybuilding are concerned, there are few names as recognizable as Ndo Champ when it comes to the fitness world. With his unique approach to fitness and his inspirational personal journey, Chukwuebuka Nduka has been able to establish himself as one of the most impressive fitness trainers and entrepreneurs around the world.

Many people are curious about a fellow rapper named Ndo Champ net worth and how he has built his wealth over the years as we look forward to 2024.

NDO Champ Net Worth 2024:

According to estimates, NDO Champ, whose real name is Robert Wilmote, will have an impressive net worth of approximately $5.3 million at the end of 2024.

To achieve this significant wealth, this well-known fitness guru and bodybuilder overcame countless obstacles. To understand the fascinating journey that NDO Champ has taken, let’s dive a bit deeper.

Early Life and Struggles

There is no doubt that NDO Champ, who was born Robert Wilmote, is an inspiration. His life story is a testament to the resilience and determination of an individual. Having been born in Liberia, he entered this world during the chaos of the Liberian civil war that took place in 1984.

As a teenager, Robert’s family, which was raised in adversity, made a courageous move to the United States, trying to seek refuge from the ravages of war when he was just a teenager.

While Robert Wilmote’s early life was marked by hardships and struggles, it was little known that he would one day rise to become one of the most celebrated figures in the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

Ndo Champ Net Worth
Ndo Champ Net Worth

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Education and Personal Life

Even though we do not know much about NDO Champ’s education, his life experiences have undoubtedly taught him valuable lessons about perseverance and hard work from which he can draw inspiration. Certainly, his journey is a true embodiment of the saying, It’s not about where you start, but how you finish. In that respect, he is a great example.

He is well known for his unwavering commitment to his fitness regime in his private life as well. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, he is always bringing his meals with him wherever he goes.

Even sharing videos on YouTube, he highlights the importance of maintaining a disciplined diet, urging trainees to avoid junk food and to steer clear of unhealthy foods.

Career and Achievements

As NDO Champ began the journey to fame and success after his release from prison, he made the life-changing decision to focus his energies on improving his fitness level, which changed his life forever.

After entering his first bodybuilding competition in 2012, he emerged victorious after taking the plunge and competing in his first fitness contest. It was a pivotal moment in his life that allowed him to embark upon a career that he could only have dreamed of.

It has been a long journey for NDO Champ in the fitness world since then, wearing various hats along the way. As well as being an IFBB Pro competitive bodybuilder, he is also a certified cross-fit instructor as well as a personal trainer.

In addition, he extends his expertise and can mentor high school basketball players and deliver motivational speeches, spreading the message of resilience and determination to young athletes.

NDO Champ Age

It was during the First Liberian Civil War that Robert Wilmote was born in Monrovia, Liberia, on March 20, 1984. As a result of the civil war in their country, Robert and his family decided to move to Brooklyn, New York in the year 2000. It has been 39 years since Robert Wilmote was born.

NDO Champ Height Weight

A professional bodybuilder by the name of Robert Wilmot, is an American. Besides being known as NDO Champ, he is also known by other names. In terms of height, the NDO champ stands at 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) high. There is a weight of 99 kg (220 pounds) on his body.

NDO Champ Education

There is no information available about the educational background of NDO Champ. As far as we know, he has never been enrolled in any school or college.

It was challenging for NDO Champ to adapt to the American culture after he moved to the United States in 2000. After dropping out of high school, he was unable to find a job. After becoming involved in criminal activities, he was arrested and imprisoned for his actions.

NDO Champ discovered bodybuilding at the age of 19 as a way to maintain a positive mental attitude while he was in prison. Having started training in the prison gym, he made impressive progress in a short amount of time.

As soon as he was released, he continued to train and eventually qualified for the IFBB professional bodybuilding circuit and became a professional bodybuilder.

NDO Champ Wife

In addition to being a bodybuilder, Ndo is a married man. However, as far as his personal life is concerned, he prefers to keep it private. Consequently, we do not know the name of his wife.

NDO Champ Career

Robert Wilmot is also known as NDO Champ, his real name is Robert Wilmot. Bodybuilder, actor, motivational speaker, and bodybuilder by trade, he has a successful career background.


When NDO Champ was incarcerated, he started bodybuilding as a hobby. During his time as a bodybuilder he discovered that he was happy and motivated, and he made rapid progress as a result.

He continued to train after he was released from prison and eventually qualified for the IFBB professional bodybuilding circuit after he was released from prison.

NDO Champ won his first IFBB pro bodybuilding competition, the New York Pro, in the year 2017. There have been several other prominent events he has participated in since then, including the Mr. Olympia, which he won in 2016.

It is well known that NDO Champ is dedicated to his trade as well as follows a rigorous training regimen. The motivational talks he gives and his ability to motivate others to reach their fitness goals are also well known.


In addition to being a bodybuilder, NDO Champ is also a successful actor. His appearances in several films and television shows, including “The Rock’s Next Generation” and “Generation Iron,” show that he has worked with several celebrities, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart, have made him a highly recognizable name.

Ndo Champ YouTube and Instagram:

As of 5th March 2018, he has started his own YouTube channel. It is through this platform that NDO shares his fitness journey and that he inspires millions of netizens around the world. As a result of his popularity on the internet, the bodybuilder is now considered an influential figure. On his YouTube channel, he has a total of 2.14 million subscribers and 115,590,528 views of his name. Currently, he has 1.1 million followers on his Instagram account.

On the internet, he is very popular for making videos in which he kicks things like chips, chicken, and pizza at his trainees to discourage them from eating food that will make them overweight. Often, these videos go viral on the internet, something that receives a million views regularly, and are his brand as a result. To develop this brand, he has partnered with companies such as Belair and business gurus like Brandon Narain and David Omari, as well as collaborating with other brands.

Ndo Champ Net Worth
Ndo Champ Net Worth

Speaking on Motivation

I am a motivational speaker, a healthy living champion, a fitness guru, and a motivational speaker. As the founder of NDO Nation, a fitness and lifestyle company, he makes it his mission to motivate others to achieve their goals and reach their potential.

There is no denying that NDO Champ is one of the most well-known speakers in schools, gyms, and other gatherings. There is no doubt that he is well known for his energizing and motivational lectures, and he is always more than willing to share with people his personal experiences as well.


To conclude, it is estimated that Ndo Champ’s net worth in 2024 will be around $6 million. He has accumulated a great deal of wealth through his successful career as a fitness trainer and entrepreneur, as well as his endorsements and partnerships, the investments he has made in real estate, and the public speaking engagements he has given.

He continues to inspire many people with his journey and philosophy on life, despite his success in the fitness industry and continues to inspire many with his passion for fitness. His net worth will continue to grow in the future, no doubt, as he looks forward to what lies ahead for him.

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