Shervin Mirhashemi Net Worth 2024 [Age, Career, Wife]

As a 54-year-old sports executive born in 1969, Shervin Mirhashemi hails from Palos Verdes, California, the United States of America, where he lives with his wife and two children. As a 6-foot, 106-pound individual who stands approximately 5’10” tall and weighs roughly 170 pounds, he has made notable contributions to the field of dentistry.

In his role as President and CEO of Legends Hospitality, Shervin has demonstrated his leadership and expertise in the sports industry for some years, showcasing his leadership and experience.

Shervin Mirhashemi Net Worth:

Shervin Mirhashemi net worth as of 2024 was approximately $10 million, based on the information available at the time. As a result of career earnings, investments, and financial decisions, the net worth figures can change over time as a result of a variety of factors.

Educational Background of Shervin: A Multifaceted Journey

It is worth noting that Shervin is also a graduate, holding a Bachelor of Arts degree specializing in biomedical engineering from the University of California San Diego, as well as a Juris Doctor degree awarded by the University of Southern California. As a result of his academic background, he is likely to have a wide range of skills and abilities that will help him to succeed in his current position as a sports executive.

Shervin Mirhashemi Net Worth
Shervin Mirhashemi Net Worth

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Who is Shervin Mirhashemi?

He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer and President of Legends Hospitality, an entity renowned for delivering superlative hospitality experiences tailored for sports and entertainment venues worldwide as well as a landmark entity in the hospitality industry. As a member of the esteemed Legends Board of Directors, Robert further enhances the prestige of his position.

During a quarter of a century-spanning a wide variety of international industries, including sports and entertainment, Mirhashemi has recruited from some of the world’s top establishments, having filled executive roles in some of the world’s most prestigious companies. There are some noteworthy leadership roles he has played over the years, including the ever-reliable New York Yankees, the legendary Dallas Cowboys, and the revered AEG.

Early Life – Shervin Mirhashemi Age

Her name is Shervin Mirhashemi, and he was born on July 13, 1969, in Tehran, Iran. It was the age of 54 when he passed away. There is no information about his parents’ names. The nationality of the man is American.

Shervin Mirhashemi Education

At the age of eight, Shervin Mirhashemi moved to America and began studying computer programming at the age of nine, when he was eight years old. Currently, Mirhashemi is the head of Legends and serves as the company’s president and CEO.

In 1992, he obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Biomedical and Medical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego, and in 1995, he was awarded his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Southern California.

Personal Life – Shervin Mirhashemi Wife:

There are not many details about Shervin Mirhashemi’s private life available since he is a private individual. As far as we know, he is married to a woman named Alex, and they have two children together.

Their home is in Southern California, where Mirhashemi is an active member of Legends for Charity, a nonprofit organization supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and has been active in community work for many years.

Shervin Mirhashemi Net Worth
Shervin Mirhashemi Net Worth

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Shervin Mirhashemi Career:

It was in June 2001 that Shervin Mirhashemi joined AEG, one of the world’s leading sports and entertainment companies. There, he held a variety of roles and titles, focusing primarily on business and legal matters during his time.

In 2006, he was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs, where he was responsible for overseeing the legal and business aspects of AEG’s owned and managed entities in different geographical regions around the world.

AEG Global Partnerships appointed Shervin to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2008. Additionally, he led a team of professionals responsible for the sale, servicing, and activation of partnerships on behalf of AEG as well.

During his time as COO, he played an important role in the organization’s executive team. He was responsible for overseeing and managing sponsorship, premium, and partnership sales globally.

In 2012, Shervin was promoted to President and Chief Operating Officer of AEG Global Partnerships, a role he held for a year before joining Legends, a premium experiences company, as President and CEO in 2013.

He served in that role for more than two years before becoming the company’s President in September of this year. The Legends Group promoted Shervin to the position of CEO in 2017.

Herrvin has redefined Legends’ structure, culture, sales strategy, and operations during his tenure as CEO.

It was through this restructuring of the company that he was able to achieve this goal: Global Sales, Global Planning, Global Partnerships, Global Technology, Hospitality, and Global Merchandise.

During the acquisition of Maestro Sports and Entertainment in January 2022, Legends launched a new growth enterprise division that focused on providing integrated 360-degree solutions for high-growth sports, entertainment properties, attractions, and events, allowing Legends to offer a complete 360-degree solution for an entirely new line of high-growth businesses.


I want to take this opportunity to conclude this captivating journey into the life and achievements of Shervin Mirhashemi, and I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on the power of determination, vision, and unwavering commitment to excellence that lead to success.

As we learn about Shervin’s extraordinary career, we are motivated to see that we can also make a significant impact in the world if we are passionate, committed, and willing to take calculated risks to achieve success.

How did Shervin Mirhashemi’s journey resonate with you the most? Which aspect of his journey stood out to you the most? Is it his ability to revive struggling companies, his commitment to his family, or the relentless pursuit of growth and innovation that made him so successful? Feel free to share your thoughts and let us all continue to be inspired by exceptional individuals like Shervin Mirhashemi as we navigate our paths to success.

It is important to remember that there are many opportunities for you out there and that with determination and passion, you too can be a part of making a lasting impact in your chosen field, just like Shervin Mirhashemi has done.

We will continue to present you with thrilling stories about visionaries who are shaping the future of the sports and entertainment industries as we bring you more captivating stories. As long as you continue to dream big and push the boundaries of what is possible, everything will be possible!

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